Not titled “Sense or Sensibility”

Polar opposites. Night and day. Hot and cold. These are just some adjectives and nouns that are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The words are perfect ways of contrasting the characters of Marianne and Elinor in the novel Sense and Sensibility. Sense, defined as the ability to be aware of things around her describes Elinor. She is the calm, quiet and collective sister, who makes decisions based on practicality. Sensibility, or the trait of being affected by changes in surroundings fits Marianne. She’s the foolish, whimsical and irrational sister, driven by passion and emotion. Both characters are put in similar situations throughout the book and, true to the title, act with sense and sensibility.

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SU searching for answers on defense

Sol Bliss answered without hesitation.

When asked about his biggest concern heading into Saturday’s Syracuse men’s lacrosse scrimmage against Navy, Bliss responded: communication on defense.

“It was our biggest problem in fall,” Bliss said. “We can have three of the best defensemen in the league, but if they can’t communicate, it’s not going to mean a thing.”

Bliss said in the fall, players were late adjusting defensively and weren’t meshing well with one another.

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SU’s Powell, Banks have glorious returns

Navy defender Mike Felber was in Syracuse attackman Mike Powell’s chest, checking him, poking at his stick, daring Powell to make a move. Gladly obliging Felber — one of Navy’s starting close defenders — Powell spun left with lightning quickness, evading Felber and limiting the rest of Navy’s defense to spectators.

With vision only a Powell can have, he swung the ball across his body to a wide-open Liam Banks, who whisked a shot past Navy goalie Seth DiNola.

Banks, who left Syracuse for a year because of personal reasons, went berserk, pumping his fists in the air as he received hugs from teammates. Powell and Banks, a tandem last seen in 2001, were back as Syracuse outscored Navy, 13-9, through four quarters in Saturday’s scrimmage at the Carrier Dome.

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