2004 SU Football Offense Preview

The Syracuse offense is a cipher, covered with secret sauce, buried in a puzzle. Last year, it showed glimpses of brilliance, scoring a robust 50 points in an improbable upset of then-No. 7 Virginia Tech. Then there was the 34 points Syracuse put together in a heartbreaking, triple-overtime loss to then-No. 25 Auburn.

But while the gap between potential and actual sometimes seemed close together, there were other games where the gap resembled more of a canyon.

For every Hokie win, there were two more ugly losses to mope over.

There was the seven lonely points the offense mustered against West Virginia. Just a week before, Syracuse did the unthinkable and lost to lowly Temple, a feat only accomplished nine other times in the 34 other meetings between the teams.

No two players better fit this Jekyll and Hyde persona than R.J. Anderson and Johnnie Morant.

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