Windmill may be coming soon to Scriba

Alcan Aluminum Corp. will apply for a building permit sometime next week to construct the largest windmill in the United States in the town of Scriba, a Scriba official said Thursday.

General Electric will build the 3.6-megawatt turbine on Alcan-owned property in Scriba, said James Wellington, Scriba planning board chairman. It will be 500 feet tall in a wooded area 1,800 feet from Lake Ontario’s shoreline.

The Scriba Planning Board approved the site plan last Wednesday, but Alcan still needs the building permit to proceed, Wellington said.

“It’s great for the environment,” Wellington said. “It uses no fuel. The wind generates the electricity.”

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AG not taking action on proposed sewage treatment plant

The New York State Attorney General’s office will not take any legal action against Onondaga County for working on a proposed sewage treatment plant near Midland Avenue, a state official said Friday.

Officials at the Attorney General’s regional office in Syracuse met with several local organizations including the Partnership for Onondaga Creek, Syracuse United Neighbors and the Syracuse University Student Environmental Action Coalition, Thursday, as part of an effort from to force Onondaga County to delay plans for a regional treatment plant on the city’s South Side.

The organizations questioned the legality of Onondaga County’s proposed plan. Some the legal issues revolve around the city of Syracuse, which owns roughly half the land needed to build the $54 million plant. The proposed plant aims to stop raw sewage from flowing into Onondaga Creek when excessive rainfall or snowmelt backs up the sewer system.

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