Debate over disease continues

Julianna Martin faced a difficult task Monday afternoon.

When Martin returned home, she found a shopping catalog, packed with the latest in holiday coupons, sales and sample fragrances.

For most people, flipping through this catalog is an afterthought, but for Martin, the sample perfumes smell anything but sweet. Any type of fragrance makes Martin sick.

“You take in a little perfume, the next thing you know, you can’t read or write,” said Martin, 25, a third-year graduate student at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. “It can go anywhere from stomach problems to brain fog.”

Martin is among an increasing number of activists who believe fragrances, commonly believed to be the cause of some rashes and a potential trigger of asthma, are also the cause of headaches, muscle pain and nausea.

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Pascal’s wager fails

Blaise Pascal, in his Wager Argument, avoids the trend of attempting to prove God’s existence, instead arguing that it is rational to strive to believe that God exists. If humans act rationally and desire maximum utility, then, according to Pascal’s argument, it follows that they must wager for God.

In this paper, I will first explain why Pascal rejects previous attempts to demonstrate God’s existence. I will then define what it means to wager for God, expected utility and rational choice. Then, I will then outline his Wager Argument and explain why one must be compelled to wager for God. Finally, I will present objections to Pascal’s argument, a possible response Pascal would give to these objections, and each reply will be followed by my own reply.

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The Next Fab Four?

No matter how many times Billy Edelin flashes his championship ring, four wide-eyed freshmen keep asking for more.

“Let me see that ring,” one of the freshmen says.

“Y’all have got to get your own,” Edelin smugly replies.

With the talent and depth of Syracuse’s freshmen class, it may not be long before Terrence Roberts, Demetris Nichols, Darryl Watkins and Louis McCroskey have their own rings.

“Everyone’s just really determined,” Roberts said. “We can’t wait for the season to start. We’re here to play.”

The Syracuse freshmen of 2003-04 have large shoes to fill.

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