Players face ultimate physical challenge

Steven Lee gets excited when someone asks him about Ultimate Frisbee – maybe even a little too eager.

“I get so excited that I have bladder spasms and muscle cramps,” said Lee, president of the Hong Kong Ultimate Players’ Association (HKUPA). “When someone asks me that question, it means I’ve got a chance to share the special game of Ultimate with someone who has never been exposed to it.”

So what exactly is Ultimate?

“It’s a demanding, fast-paced game that provides a great workout,” said HKUPA member Tom Nunan. “I do a lot of sports, but Ultimate was the one that really hooked me because I got the workout of my life.”

Ultimate is played on a 70-by-40-yard field. The objective is to advance the disc to the other team’s end-zone, using a series of passes upfield to teammates.

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Cool break dancers flaunt their stuff

Break dancers were flipping, leaping and spinning their bodies to hip-hop, techno and funk music during the qualifying round of the third annual adidas Street Dance Competition.

More than 100 dancers from 27 teams performed on Sunday before a capacity crowd at the Sha Tin Park Amphitheatre for a chance to compete in the finals in two weeks. The competition was split into break dancing and hip-hop categories this year.

Participants were judged according to the difficulty of the dance routine performed, their ability to dance to the music being played and teamwork.

“They have to know how to use their skills,” said Janice Wong, one of the judges. “They have to be confident, too. Some of it has to do with the way they express themselves.”

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