Four Score and Two Days Ago, Dodgers Make History

Dodger fans, at least, as the perception goes, are renowed for arriving in the second inning and leaving in the eighth.

Initially, Monday night at Dodger Stadium was no different from the normal pattern. Only the most die-hard of fans were on hand in the ninth inning, when the Dodgers were down four runs.

But, the empty cauldron that began the final frame against the San Diego Padres, was soon filled by the end of regular innings. As it turned out, the Dodgers overcame that deficit with four consecutive solo home runs. It was so histoic, in fact, that Dodger officials began letting fans reclaim their parking spots, as well as entry back into the stadium.

Certainly uncharacteristic for Dodger fans, but, then again, this was the most uncharacteristic of nights.

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