Review: Casino Royale

Last year, “Batman Begins” ditched its cartoony predecessors in favor of a more down-to-earth action hero. It received rave reviews because we were given the answer to the question “why?” as in “Why would someone fly through the air wearing a bat cape with such a self-righteous attitude?” In the re-boot of the James Bond franchise, we are given the reason why Bond trusts no one in “Casino Royale.”

This movie is stripped down to its essence, removing old gimmicks and infusing character development. At one point, Bond (Daniel Craig) orders his typical martini, but when the bartender responds, “Shaken or stirred?” Bond retorts, “Do I look like I give a damn?” That is just one of the many changes to the Bond franchise.

There’s no Moneypenny this time around, nor are there any fancy gizmos and gadgets supplied by “Q.” The famous “Bond, James Bond” line doesn’t make its appearance until the conclusion, and the Bond Theme itself is held to brief stints as to not cloud the direction or plot. Gone are the silly quips and the corny sense of humor. This isn’t to say that Bond doesn’t make jokes, but these jokes are more situational and less cliché.

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Michigan deserves rematch

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the National Championship should feature the two best teams in college football playing against each other.

And after yesterday afternoon’s 43-39 Ohio State victory, everyone should’ve come to the same conclusion — Ohio State and Michigan are the two best teams in the nation.

In 103 years since “The Game” as been played, there has not been a more hyped game that has lived up to expectations. More than 900 yards of offense and a spirited second half rally from Michigan showed you that they belong in the title game because they are the second best team in the country.

Michigan showed incredible poise and heart, rallying from a two-touchdown deficit, on top of kicking to Ohio State to start the second half. A final charge down the field, a gutsy two-point conversion, and the Buckeyes were rattled enough before a failed onside kick effectively ended the game.

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