Imus’ apology not enough this time

Don Imus had this to say about his offensive remarks:

“If I wanted to offend somebody,” Imus said, “I would have let you know, but I wasn’t trying to offend and I’m sorry.”

The quote could’ve been something that Imus had said while apologizing for his boneheaded and racist remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. It would’ve been some sort of reconciliation for a swallow remark with little sensitivity to minorities.

But that quote wasn’t the result of the fallout from his comments on college women’s basketball. Actually, it was a statement that Imus had read over the air in November 2006 when dealing with the Asian American community.

Back in November, the topic on hand dealt with a story about obesity in China. Despite sidekick Charles McCord’s best efforts, Imus predictably delved into controversy and stupidity, asking whether anyone had ever seen a “fat Chinaman.”

“I know this sounds bigoted – I’m not – but have you ever seen a fat Chinese man? Chinaman?” Imus said. And, despite sidekick Charles McCord’s best efforts to subdue Imus, he again said, “60 million fat Chinamen.”

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