Tyree cements place in history

There are plays that define Super Bowls.

There was Joe Montana to Dwight Clark for “The Catch.” There was Mike Jones gobbling up Kevin Dyson on the 1-yard line for “The Stop.” There was Joe Namath and “The Prediction.” And now, for David Tyree and Eli Manning, there is “The Play.”

Tyree, a former Syracuse University standout, was the most unlikely of heroes in the most improbable of upsets on Sunday night. His circus catch with less than two minutes left allowed Manning to find Plaxico Burress with 35 seconds to go for the 17-14 go-ahead score.

But Eli-to-Burress won’t be as memorable as Eli-to-Tyree.

The Giants faced a third-and-five at their own 44-yard line with one minute and 15 seconds remaining. Immediately, the play was busted as Jarvis Green shot through the line and grabbed a chunk of Manning’s jersey, but Manning spun away, immediately spotted Tyree down the middle of the field and fired away.

Manning’s pass was high; Tyree had Rodney Harrison draped all over him.

None of that mattered.

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