Review: Community — Advanced Gay

After a few episodes of the study group at Greendale Community being at each other’s throats, “Advanced Gay” brings some harmony back to the group. And, while I enjoyed some of the gimmick episodes recently, Advanced Gay also moved back toward a more traditional story line, which was also nice to see, as well.

The episode centers around Pierce, whose Hawthorne wipes have become a sensation among the gay community. A Youtube video has gone viral, and has given the wipe mogul a 7 percent bump in overall sales. Pierce, obviously not the most tolerant of people, nevertheless decides to capitalize on his new-found market, and throws a huge “gay bash.”

It seems like a great idea until his father, Cornelius (Larry Cedar), shows up. We all figure out why Pierce is so racist. It’s almost as if his father is racist against people who aren’t racist enough. Jeff demands that Pierce stand up to his father in the same way that Jeff couldn’t stand up to his. Britta, the psychologist in training, describes this hilariously as the “edible” complex.

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