Can Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony co-exist?

JLinThe question burning on everyone’s mind in the basketball universe recently centers around former Syracuse star Carmelo Anthony and current sensation Jeremy Lin. Anthony has been out for the majority of Lin’s amazing run with the New York Knicks—save six or so minutes—and everyone’s wondering what’s going to happen when Anthony returns.

On the one hand, there’s an argument to be made that it’s going to be a pure disaster. The Knicks of the last seven games run a free flowing, motion offense, while Anthony has been one of the biggest isolation players in the league his entire career.

For instance, this season, he’s averaging 32.2 percent of his plays coming from isolations, which leads the league. Last year, he led the league with 37.2. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Anthony would get in the way of Lin’s abilities to get to the basket and create opportunities for his teammates.

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