Building the Syracuse lacrosse dynasty — Brad Kotz

KotzIt’s strange when “Syracuse lacrosse” and “dominant” (or some other synonym) aren’t used in the same sentence these days. Since 1983, the Orangemen have won 11 National Championships, produced a pair of Tewaaraton Trophy winners and have seen 12 players become four-time All-Americans.

Yet, there exists a time when the Orangemen were underdogs in the lacrosse world. Before 1983, SU had last won a national championship in 1925 (to put that in prospective, F. Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby that year) and in the 1982 season, the Orangemen had gone 6-4, losing to a pair of Division II teams while missing the tournament completely.

But that all changed in 1983.

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Syracuse hurdler Jarret Eaton knows he can go faster

Whether it’s a race in the familiar confines of Abington High School or a pressure packed NCAA National Championship 2,500 miles away, Jarret Eaton and mother Sharon have a long standing tradition.

Dominating win or heartbreaking loss, mother and son will convene.

“He’ll call me up, and I’ll congratulate him,” Sharon says. “But I’ll ask him after every race, ‘Jarret, can you go faster?’”

The answer has evolved over time, mirroring the rise of Eaton from a part-time hurdler at a small college in Pennsylvania to an elite athlete at Syracuse University with Olympic aspirations.

“It started off as, ‘I don’t know,’” Sharon says. “It became, ‘I think I can.’”

Nowadays, the answer is, unequivocally, “I can go faster.”

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