Review: Jurassic World

It’s difficult to imagine, but it’s been 22 years since the original Jurassic Park hit the movie theaters, and changed the way movies were made. The original 90s movie was the first to take a huge step into CGI, immersing any viewer in a world where dinosaurs truly roamed the world alongside humans. Jurassic World appropriately pays homage to the first film, while forging ahead with its own personality and unabashedly campy jokes in what is ultimately a thoroughly enjoyable and thrilling summer popcorn flick.

Like the three movies that preceded it, Jurassic World continues with the concept of a dinosaur theme park, and the ‘one that goy away’ plot. Of course, this is 2015 now, so the technology has improved and we are met with a scientific laboratory that Tony Stark would’ve enjoyed. But the entertainment value of the movie isn’t about the plot, it’s about the execution of it. Jurassic World develops its characters just enough to make the characters slightly more than one dimensional, and then lets its dinosaurs do the rest.

One particular performance that stands out is Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the main character, Owen. He’s believable as a rugged everyday man who was plucked from the Navy to train dinosaurs. Owen isn’t superfluously handsome or brainy, but he’s crafty and witty, and more importantly, very likeable. Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire is passable as a female lead, but are we really to believe that she stays in her heels throughout the entire movie? For good measure, Jurassic World borrows heavily in plot from the original Jurassic Park, so we have two annoying kids that we also follow throughout the movie (Ty Simpkins’ Gray and Nick Robinson’s Zach). Continue reading “Review: Jurassic World”