Review: Are You Glad I’m Here

A millennial teacher working in Beirut befriends her neighbor, an educated yet oppressed Lebanese housewife, and the two become partners in a murder and cover-up. Those are the essentials to need to know in “Are You Glad I’m Here,” a film that runs 85 minutes but in reality should’ve been cut down by about 30 minutes.

We are introduced to Kirsten (played by Tess Elliot), who is a 20-something just out of college and looking for some experience abroad. She ends up teaching English in Lebanon, and right way, we can see that money is an issue. She’s not familiar with the customs or language, and needs to steal from a local grocery store. She ends up meeting and befriending her neighbor, Nadine (Marwa Khalil), who at first blush appears to be a friendly, thoughtful, if not somewhat mysterious, mother next door. We quickly learn that Nadine is the target of physical, verbal and emotional abuse from her husband Ameen (Madim Deaibes), who is also a misogynist and a philanderer.

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