Democrats misleading in reporting money, Republican says

Democrats were misleading in reporting how much money they have spent on the election for Onondaga County’s chief accountant and auditor, a republican official said Wednesday.

“They intentionally didn’t spend money until after the last public disclosure form,” said Deputy Comptroller Tom Squires, a republican.

Every candidate who runs in an election must inform the public how much money is being spent on his campaign 15 days before an election, said Robert Antonacci, a democrat who is challenging current comptroller Donald Colon. They are also required to report a dollar figure after the election.

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Panhandling ordinance dropped

Syracuse Common Council members applauded the administration of Mayor Matt Driscoll’s decision to withdraw a proposal outlawing aggressive panhandling, Monday.

“I was opposed to it from the beginning,” said Councilor-at-Large Kate O’Connell, chair of the council’s Public Safety Committee. “We should be trying to help our homeless population. Passing a law isn’t going to help.”

The new ordinance would’ve lowered the maximum fine from $250 to $100 while also giving judges the option of sentencing offenders to community service rather than paying a fine, said O’Connell. The ordinance also would’ve outlawed “aggressive” panhandling of any type.

Aggressive panhandling, said District Five Councilor William Simmons, is when beggars continue to ask for money after being told no, or to harass, touch or threaten people in any way. But the ordinance drew controversy on the vagueness of the word “aggressive.”

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