Review: Amazon — Kindle Fire

KindleWhen Amazon announced in October that they were releasing a new tablet computer, many billed it as a main competitor to Apple’s iPad. Now that the Fire has been out for several months and has already had one major software overhaul, we have found out that, while the Fire is perfectly functional for many things, an iPad it is not.

And Amazon should be completely fine with that.

Now, keep in mind that I am a Mac purist. I learned how to use computers on my father’s Mac Plus. My first computer was an Apple Performa. I got the first generation iMac. I had the first video iPod, and later ditched Verizon for AT&T so I could use the iPhone. I also have a first generation iPad and a Shuffle at my disposal. So when I first started using the Fire, I compared everything to the iPad I already owned.

Like many reviewers, I had trouble with the lack of a home button and external volume controls. Also, like many who came before me, I accidentally turned off the Fire when resting it on my lap. I struggled with the touch screen, which was not as precise as the iPad. I found little to no use for the carousel at the home screen, which is essentially an undeletable cache of the programs and apps that I have just used.

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